Medication safety, Do not give Infants meds!

Being a parent is a HUGE responsibility. I’m not so sure everyone takes this responsibility as seriously as they should. I had a call last night from a Mom of a 3 month old that had given too much Benadryl to the child. I was rather concerned for this child and instructed the mother to call Poison Control. I have since learned that the child is doing just fine, but slept really well last night. :-/

For a poison control emergency in the United States, Call 1.800.222.1222

Infants should not be given any medications under 6 months of age without the advice from their pediatric provider.  There are very few medications that I recommend for infants. One exception would be Tylenol, and then proper dosing needs to be decided based on the weight of the child. Motrin is not advised for children under 6 months of age. Links to the Tylenol and Motrin home page are in the sidebar under Links To Additional Info

Medication can be dangerous when not used as advised, this includes over the counter medication. I think it is sad that so many parents are unable to accurately dose their children’s medication. Many medication recalls are related to dosing errors, not problems with the medication. I think it is an unfortunate result of what I call “dumbing down” our schools; resulting in the inability of adults to read and/or convert measurements. 

Please, on behalf of your children, take your parenting responsibilities very seriously, the well-being of your child is in your hands.

What a journey we are on friends, the most important journey of our life is called Parenthood!

3 thoughts on “Medication safety, Do not give Infants meds!

  1. Katie…you might want to add (because I just had this experience today) that parents NEED to ask when antibiotics need to be refrigerated or not. I had never been prescribed an antibiotic that needed to be refrigerated before and I usually had the doctor tell me if it did or didn’t. In this case no one said a thing and so after day 3 I’ve not only worried myself sick that my children will be sick to their stomachs, I worried that the antibiotic may have been toxic! I should have read the label….YES! but these things also need to be communicated between physicians, pharmicists, and parents!


    • Thanks for the thoughts, Katrina. Honestly, I don’t always know which meds need to be refrigerated, not something that they teach us in school. It is the pharmacist job to make sure all that information is give to the parents. I can tell you that Amoxicillin and Augmentin need to be in the fridge. Omnicef does not need to be refrigerated. I think Zithromax is alright out of the fridge too, but would have to double check with pharm. Good advice, thanks for sharing! Hope whoever needed the abx is doing ok. 😉


  2. Thanks Katie… it’s both my girls and having just spoken to the doctor’s office today, they told me that I have to run the full 10 day course (adding onto the unrefrigerated doses) although it still might not have the desired effect. In which case I will have to take them back to the Dr’s again if their colds are the same or worse. So I can’t stress how important this is to other parents. I hope this helps other parents when in question.

    Btw…. I enjoy your blogs Katie….keep ’em coming!


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