My Passion

I’m a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner turned Holistic Wellness Coach… and there is a HUGE REASON WHY.

I started learning about nutrition before my son was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of cropped-img_62381.jpg8. We knew red dye, yellow dye, and ALL artificial food dye played a part. You should have seen the trash bags that left my house that day! I even did some of my graduate research on it. We made changes in our diet, we saw obvious differences…. my sweet Taz didn’t spin quite as much anymore, fascinating.

Fast forward a few years. More changes were necessary… things were getting worse not better. Mama had to do her research again. I’ve learned a lot. All the details don’t matter, the WHAT TO DO does matter. Without eliminating the toxins, and then cleaning up and detoxing, there was a compound effect, and it would get worse. Heartbreaking, but motivating!

I had read over the years that nutrition played a roll, sugar, gluten, dairy, etc… but those of us in medicine KNOW that food really doesn’t play that big a roll. Everything we were ever taught says so. WE ARE WRONG! (But, that’s for another post.) Let me tell you how I know… reading things I was never taught and observation.

In the past year, I have learned A LOT about holistic nutrition, gut health, brain health, hormone changes, and the epidemic of chronic disease. It goes against so much of what I’ve been taught working in medicine for the past 20 years. I was NOT TAUGHT any of this stuff!

It saddens me, and IT MADDENS ME! All the knowledge I learned in 9 years of college didn’t help me help my child. Sad.


The past 3.5 years I worked in a school, how enlightening. To see what these kids have as food choices in their world (home and school, social events, public events, public gatherings) is so disheartening to me. To see how it affects their daily function is devastating to their future!

I don’t know whether to get mad, sad, speak up, shut up, just worry about my own, or worry about the world. We don’t live alone.

You don’t have to know all the nitty gritty about what I know, you just need to know how you feel, look, and function with good food vs. bad food. It’s that simple. Your body tells you, not medical books!

We are making our society toxic. It doesn’t just affect my family, it affects our communities, our schools, our public events, our travel, our medical system, our doctor’s offices, our hospitals, our philosophies… it’s deadly to a cultured society such as ours. That crushes me. How can we be so blind.

I could say so much more, but this isn’t a book, maybe I should write one. As much as I would love to, that terrifies the hell out of me.

So, here’s what I’m gonna say (if you’re still with me), if not, eh, whatev… if you are, LISTEN UP, because you are the ones that are going to #bethechange with me!

We have to start paying attention to what we are eating!! Anyone can learn the basics about how to eat real food… IT’S JUST ABOUT EATING REAL FOOD!

It’s not that difficult to understand: Food is either real or manmade. Food either fuels your body or it makes you toxic.

The REALLY BAD part, it makes your gut toxic, your brain toxic, your skin toxic, your emotions toxic, your attitude toxic, your relationships toxic… your life is toxic, and it SUCKS to live like that!! I know too many that do, and too many are too close, it hurts me to see it.

THAT is Why I share! I don’t just share for me. I share for my health, my kids’ health, my husband’s health, my mom’s health, my dad’s health, my brother’s health, my extended family’s health, my friends’ health, your health and the health of our society.

If we don’t start to change it now, we’re gonna crash (sigh)

That’s Why. Wellness Matters. Thanks for listening… well, reading. #bethechange

Sorry, didn’t meant to word vomit on you… it HAD to come out! #sorrynotsorry

#askmehow #itdoesnttakeanexpert #ittakespassion #wellnessmatters 

find wellness...whole world changes

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