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How 2B Your Best You Yet

Go on, admit it, you are putting everyone else’s needs above your own. Mom’s do that. We think we’re supposed to. We’ve watched other moms do it for years, we watched our own mother’s do it, we thought it was what moms were supposed to do… sacrifice themselves for their family, right??? Wrong.

Say this with me… I can’t pour from an empty cup. I have to fill it first.  

Ok, now say it again, and mean it. 😉

Putting everyone else’s needs above your own has taken a toll on your body. You notice it in your energy level, your sleep quality (or lack of), the way your body reacts to stress, and then there’s that little voice in the back of your head that tell’s you that you aren’t doing everything good enough. That voice doesn’t pay attention to how hard you’re trying. But I am. I feel ya, sister. I’ve been there. That’s why I’m sharing 2B Mindset with you… to help you quiet that voice and make sure you fill your glass back up. Then, we’re going to drown that voice once and for all! Sound good?

When your glass is full, it can’t help but runneth over, so let’s fill that cup with good stuff. I don’t know about you, but when all I have in my life is the stressful stuff, that’s what starts spilling out of my cup. I don’t like the way the stressed out Katie relates to her family, and I knew I was the only one that could help her change.

It took me years to learn what I know about holistic nutrition. I took a course a few years ago, but I have to admit there is so much to learn, I’m still a student sometimes myself. I do know the important stuff and that’s what I try to share with others.

Then, 2B Mindset came along and gave me the PERFECT TOOLS to help share what I’ve learned about an anti-inflammatory lifestyle with you. 2B Mindset is a nutrition program developed by Ilana Muhlstein, RD. Ilana was a morbidly obese child that struggled throughout her childhood, it led her to her career as a registered dietician and the development of the 2B Mindset Program.

Ilana and I posing for the camera!

I got to meet Ilana in June and thank her personally for giving me the tools I needed to help my clients, it was so exciting! I told her that I’d been sharing holistic nutrition and teaching my clients about an anti-inflammatory lifestyle for a few years, and she just made it a whole lot easier for me. She was thrilled!! We continue to stay in touch so that she can help me with whatever I need.

If you’re still reading, I’m gonna guess you’re wondering what this 2B Mindset thing is all about, so let me give you some details.



The 2B Mindset program is a revolutionary online video-based nutrition program that helps you learn to eat the foods that are best for your body all while changing your mindset about food.

Instead of focusing on what we can’t have by restricting foods, we focus on what we can have, and we have plenty of it. Want more, Sure? is one of the many concepts! We use food to help us fuel our body as it was meant to, so no counting calories, we want all the food. Those days of yo-yo restriction diets and foods you can’t eat are G.O.N.E.

The 2B Mindset plan helps you become more intuitive about the foods that your body responds to well and those that it doesn’t respond to very well. It’s eye-opening and enlightening on so many levels, pretty cool stuff!

When our body is properly nourished, it is healthy. A healthy body finds homeostasis, balance… balance in the heart, the mind, and on the scale.

2B Mindset videos teach you everything you need to know:

  • 20 videos are the foundation of the plan.
  • 7 additional videos help you troubleshoot
    • those moments when you hit a plateau,
    • when you fall off the wagon,
    • how to eat vegan on 2B,
    • how to navigate pregnancy on the 2B Mindset plan.
  • 15 videos teach you new recipes that you’ll love
  • we even teach you how to eat out, eat on vacation, and grocery shop
  • we use the scale and a detailed tracker to learn our body’s response to food

This plan teaches you to eat foods for YOUR body. You will be AMAZED how quickly your body will respond to it too. Intuitively, your body will respond to the good stuff, and it will start telling you what it likes and what it doesn’t. Learning to listen to what you’re body tells you helps you make more progress, the more you listen, the more you learn, the more progress you make.

The best part about the 2B Mindset is that it just keeps getting better the more you implement it. Did you know that you can change the way you think and feel in less than a week? Can you imagine what a month does?! I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it happen over and over again. Nutrition really does fuel our body, and lack of really makes us sick. Our body’s are talking to us every day, we just have to learn to listen.

If you want to learn to listen to your body, give it a try, I can help you get started.


When you order the 2B Mindset from me, you will receive a package with a tracker, a recipe book, a go-to guide, a getting started guide, and the infamous 30-oz water bottle everyone LOVES.

You can also get a month supply of Shakeology. Shakeology is the superfood shake that has kept me healthy for the past 2.5 years. If you aren’t familiar with Shakeology, you might want to read the article I wrote about it how it’s completely changed my life.

You also get ME! I will walk through this journey with you every step of the way. I have an online group for support, and I am available 1:1 if you need me!


Nope, not one bit, and we don’t recommend you start now if you haven’t been exercising recently.

Fitness is an important part of being healthy. Starting a brand new nutrition plan and a brand new fitness plan at the same time can be overwhelming to the body and to your schedule, and that can be self-defeating and break that positive mindset you had when you were getting started.

Making a big change to your nutrition is a commitment. Why are you making this change? Because you want to feel better. So, don’t try to do everything at once. Set yourself up for success and start with nutrition first.

You will be feeling better in a few weeks and it will be hard for you to keep your newly energized body still after a month or two, so save that fitness plan for when you’re ready. I’m here for you when that happens.

Just because I’ve said that a new fitness plan and a new nutrition plan don’t always go well together in the beginning, doesn’t mean you have an excuse to be sedentary. Our bodies need to move. Fitness is how we keep our body functioning. I actually wrote an article about functional fitness you can read. If you want to find a fitness plan, let me know so that we make that part of your initial goals. You can add our online workout programs anytime. Having a workout program at your fingertips eliminates those excuses.


To get you signed up, we just need to decide what option works best for you!

Reach out to me at or find me on Facebook @ Katie Pink Tolley or Insta @katiepinktwellness.

I can’t wait to help you change the way you fuel your body.

Here are some before and after photos from the official test group. And, yes, they’re real people, 2 of them are my cousins!

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