Change Your Life Challenge

We all take care of so many different things, we often don’t know where to start first.

Sound familiar? I can help!

It’s Time To Put YOUR Oxygen Mask ON NOW!

I know what it’s like to have to be everything to everyone. Work, kids, husband, cooking, cleaning, volunteering… the list goes on and on. Most of us have a bad habit of putting ourselves at the bottom of our to do list. Go to bed tired, wake up tired. I used to cry driving to work a 12 hour shift wondering how I was going to make it through the day. The fatigue was overwhelming.  


Introducing the ‘Change Your Life’ Challenge

A 5 day online Live webinar set up to help you discover the secrets to start changing your life. FREE health and wellness advice to “Change Your Life” so you can enjoy a healthier and more prosperous future.

I will help you understand the connection between disease and Chronic Inflammation, along with the importance of anti-inflammatory foods, to help you navigate the increasing epidemic of chronic disease facing our society.

This is a program that teaches you the foundation behind the chronic disease epidemic and how you can decrease your chances of following the deadly trend.

Your Change your Life webinar at a Glance…

Right now, I’m pretty much willing to bet I know exactly how you are feeling….

  • You are tired alllll the time.
  • There aren’t enough hours in the day to do anything for yourself.
  • You really want to get healthy, but man, you definitely do NOT want to give up wine!
  • You literally cannot look at another treadmill or elliptical machine again.
  • You have tried every friggin’ diet known to man and they just never stick.
  • You still have to lose your baby weight… but maybe your baby is really not a baby anymore.
  • You struggle with portion sizes and picking after your kids.
  • You are so busy that you forget to eat and end up famished.
  • You look in the mirror and say mean things to yourself inside your head.


CHANGE ONE: You plug into a small community with similar goals. Everyone is as committed as you are to making a positive change in their life.

CHANGE TWO: You focus on positive self talk and look towards personal growth — through a book, audio or podcast — I’ll share options.

CHANGE THREE: You dedicate time each day (5 days) to learn more about the changes that will help you transform your life.

CHANGE FOUR: You make small, easy tweaks to your nutrition so that you gain more energy and you are fueling your body.

ALL OF THESE CHANGES TOGETHER = First step in your transformation! 

Who is This For?

Anyone who is ready to PRIORITIZE THEIR HEALTH.

Those of us that are just DONE with feeling like shit.

Anyone who wants to have ENERGY and wants to feel CONFIDENT again.

Those who want to make a PERMANENT change in their life — no more yo-yoing, guilt trips and fads for special events.

This is for the person who wants to take regain CONTROL of their health.

What Exactly Do You Get?

  • VIDEOS — LIVE videos daily, always posted for later viewing.
  • ARTICLES — These articles will support the information that is shared in the videos.
  • KNOWLEDGE — Knowledge about how nutrition directly impacts your day to day life.
  • FEEDBACK — You will be able to ask questions and chat on the daily articles and videos, it’s welcome.
  • OPPORTUNITY — Tools and support to implement what you learn.

Your Investment in Yourself

With my groups, you never pay for my coaching, and I’m only reimbursed by products you purchase through me as your Team Beachbody Coach, so there are no extras or added costs for having ME as your coach. For this opportunity, there are no purchases necessary. This is information I happily share to help you start the change in your life that you desire.

If this sounds like the change you need in your life, sign up here.

Cover Photo 7.31.17