Hi, I'm Katie

I'm an Integrative Pediatric Nurse Practitioner that specializes in complex health issues. Living with chronic illness has changed the course of my life. Learning that my son suffered many of the same issues encouraged me to learn all that I could. Through that process, I've helped lead my family on a journey of continued healing.


I want to pay that forward and help other families like my own. 


I invite you to share this time with me to learn more about the information that has helped me overcome the biggest challenges and setback of chronic disease.


Healing is possible! Let me teach you more! 

Join Me Oct 7 - Nov 11
What to expect

~Weekly workshops Mondays 8-8:30pm (via online Zoom meeting)

~Motivational and informative videos shared via phone app (Marco Polo).

~An email newsletter with follow up Q&A from each weekly session.
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