Holistic Pediatric Healthcare

Katie has been in the field of maternal/child health for over 20 years. She has dedicated the past decade to learning more holistic methods and incorporates a functional medicine approach to her practice.

My mission is to support families that want to make informed healthcare decisions that are best for their individual needs.

Holistic Pediatric Healthcare

Holistic therapies treat the patient as a whole person. That is, instead of treating an illness, holistic treatment includes an individual’s overall physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing before recommending treatment.

After decades in primary care, Katie discovered that a whole body approach, focusing on the overall health of the body and not individual symptoms, leads to the healthiest outcomes.

Why Katie?

Katie has years of primary care knowledge and clinical experience, nutrition expertise, and neuro-immune experience treating patients with ADHD, anxiety, autism, POTS, Lyme Disease, and mold toxicity. Katie has also walked down the long and difficult road of raising a child with special health care needs. Her education along with personal experience gives her a unique perspective. She will always look out for your child’s best interest.


  • Pediatric/Adolescent Physical Exams
  • Nutrition consulting, because “All disease begins in the gut.” ~Hippocrates
  • Neuro-immune health consulting: ADHD, Anxiety, Autism, POTS, Lyme Disease, Mold Toxicity, etc.
  • Child Health Advocacy
  • Home visits (additional fees apply)
  • Telehealth appointments

“Katie was a breath of fresh air. I have been trying to find a healthcare provider for my children that listened to me as a mom. Katie does. She listened to our needs and acknowledged things that other doctors said were no big deal. It was all a big deal to Katie, she helped us so much. I can’t say enough about how thrilled we were to find someone like her to support our family.”


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