Honor Yourself

Are you constantly making the time to take care of others, but not showing yourself the same respect? 

Don’t you think it’s time to


The only way we can truly help others is if we first help ourselves.

If we fill our cup up first, we have so much more to give. 

It will wear you down trying to be everything to everyone… I know, I’ve been there. It almost drove me crazy. Work, kids, husband, cooking, cleaning, volunteering… the list is endless. The #1 most important thing missing from that list is YOU! I know you go to bed tired, wake up tired. I did it! I cried on my way to deliver babies when I was 29 years old wondering how I was going to make it through the day. The fatigue was interfering with my life.  


Introducing the ‘HONOR YOURSELF’ Challenge

This will be a private 4 week online community, with me as your host, that will give you tools and support to help you start HONORING YOU! 

I will help you understand the connection between disease and nutrition, along with the importance of anti-inflammatory foods, to help you navigate the increasing epidemic of chronic disease facing our society. Then…. TOGETHER WE WILL IMPLEMENT THAT ANTI-INFLAMMATORY LIFESTYLE! 


WEEK 1: You will plug into a small community with similar goals. Everyone is as committed as you are to making a positive change in their life. We will be doing strength training and/or yoga, you choose depending on your fitness level. 

WEEK 2:  We start developing that meal plan I talked about! We will implement strategies that will help decrease cravings and troubleshoot any of those tough ones. We make sure you are eating enough to fuel your body sufficiently. 

WEEK 2-3: Implementation continues, troubleshooting continues, support continues, those changes into your nutrition plan continue. We will work on combating negative self talk this week, changes take time, commitment, a positive attitude and a grateful heart. I’m here to help you be true to you. 

WEEK 3-4: You make small, easy tweaks to your nutrition so that you gain more energy and be sure you are fueling your body well. This is where we figure out the things that are holding you back. We will make a plan moving forward. 

**During our time together I will be encouraging you to focus on positive self talk and look towards personal growth — through a book, audio or podcast — I’ll share options.


Who is This For?

Anyone who is ready to PRIORITIZE THEIR HEALTH.

Those of us that are just TIRED OF feeling like shit.

Anyone who wants to have ENERGY and feel CONFIDENT again.

Those who want to make a PERMANENT change in their life — no more yo-yoing, guilt trips and fads for special events.

The person who wants to take regain CONTROL of their health.

What Exactly Do You Get?

  • VIDEOS — LIVE videos, always posted for later viewing.
  • ARTICLES — To help you learn more about WHY you want to make this transformation
  • KNOWLEDGE — Knowledge about how nutrition directly impacts your day to day life.
  • FEEDBACK — You will be able to ask questions and chat within the group. Interact not only with me but with a supportive, private community that is on the same journey as you. 
  • MEAL PLANNING — Videos about what I’m fixing and WHY I’m feeding certain herbs and spices to my family to keep them well. A printable meal plan to follow. Access to dozens of recipes and videos to show you how to make some really tasty food!
  • FITNESS — Access to hundreds of fitness options that you can access right in your own home. No leaving the house, no finding time to fit into a group schedule. Do your dancing, yoga, strength training, or cardio anytime and anywhere via online streaming. 
  • OPPORTUNITY — Support to implement what you learn.

Right now, I’m willing to bet I know exactly how you’re feeling….

  • You’re skeptical that anything will work for you.
  • You are tired all the time.
  • Seems like there are never enough hours in the day to do anything for yourself.
  • You really want to get healthy, but NOT GIVING UP WINE!
  • You KNOW another treadmill or elliptical machine isn’t your answer.
  • You have tried every friggin’ diet known to man and they just never stick.
  • You still have to lose your baby weight… but maybe your baby is NOT a baby anymore.
  • You struggle with all the “health food” information out there.
  • You are so busy that you forget to eat and end up famished.
  • You look in the mirror and say mean things to yourself inside your head. This has to stop.


Your Investment in YOU

With my groups, you never pay for my coaching, and I’m only reimbursed by products you purchase through me as your Team Beachbody Coach, so there are no extras or added costs for having ME as your coach. For the ‘Honor Yourself’ Challenge, you will be required to purchase the tools that I use to help you develop the anti-inflammatory protocol that I’m offering. 

If this sounds like the change you need in your life, sign up here.

I am strong