My Family’s Trusty Secrets

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WHY it matters to ME!

You wouldn’t believe the number of conversations I have about what products and brands I use and trust. First, let me say, I think it’s most important to do your research and know why you are investing in a product. Be educated. It’s important to know why you are choosing one product over another, and why you are choosing to avoid certain products. I make my choices based on what I’ve learned to be best for my family. We all suffer from some sort of health condition in this house. The list ranges from bowel issues, neurological issues, respiratory issues, cholesterol issues, to muscle and joint issues…. the common denominator = Inflammation. Professionally and personally, I think this is the common denominator for most people’s health issues. I’m writing a series on Digestive Health to help spread the awareness; if you’re interested in reading my articles on Leaky Gut and Inflammation, just click on each word to access the info.

Inflammation (defined by a free online medical dictionary): Inflammation

  • a localized protective response elicited by injury or destruction of tissues, which serves to destroy, dilute, or wall off both the injurious agent and the injured tissue. adj., adj inflam´matory.
  • The inflammatory response can be provoked by physical, chemical, and biologic agents, including mechanical trauma,exposure to excessive amounts of sunlight, x-rays and radioactive materials, corrosive chemicals, extremes of heat and cold,or by infectious agents such as bacteria, viruses, and other pathogenic microorganisms. Although these infectious agents can produce inflammation, infection and inflammation are not synonymous. 

The primary goal in my house is to avoid inflammation and whatever causes inflammation for the members of my family. We know that my son is intolerant to some foods, specifically gluten, wheat, and casein (cow’s milk protein). These foods will continue to cause inflammation for Josh’s system if he doesn’t avoid them. That inflammation WILL lead to other diseases. Along with gluten and dairy, my family avoids a list of foods and substances.

I think the most important addition to anyone’s wellness plan is a probiotic, Vitamin D3, and B-complex. People often ask me about probiotics and vitamins. After reading this article on Vitamin D, it confirmed some things >>> Vit D3, B-complex, and probiotics are crucial for good health. Dr. Gominak discusses evidence based examples of the ‘domino effect’ Vitamin D deficiency can have on our health. I am so glad I’ve been taking these supplements on and off for years (you can bet there will be no more off). It’s good to change up your probiotic frequently. The more strains of probiotics, the more beneficial for our immune system and overall health. I take probiotics with multiple strains, about 40 billion units, and make sure there are no filler ingredients. I take 5000 IUs of Vitamin D3 4-6 times a week. I’m human, I forget some days when I’m too busy. IMG_2522😉 My kids take 1000 IU of D3, along with probiotics and we just started a B-complex for Drew. Josh has been taking B vitamins since visiting a Holistic Doc, along with B-complex he also takes B12.

Your food will NOT taste like coconut with expellar-pressed.

I highly encourage switching all your cooking oil to olive and coconut (great source of Omega 3 essential fatty acids), and avoiding canola and other vegetable oils as much as possible (Omega 6’s). Omega 6’s can worsen inflammation, Omega 3’s are anti-inflammatory. I am a firm believer in the right sourcing for our foods. So, after doing my research (’cause that’s what I do), I decided to buy Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil straight from the Phillipines. We use mostly Expeller Pressed because it doesn’t taste like coconut (Virgin Coconut Oil does taste like coconut). I buy the Expeller Pressed by the gallon. We use it on everything, even irritated skin. Coconut oil has so many amazing benefits. Tropical Traditions has an entire page dedicated to knowing more about coconut oil you can check out too.

My source for everyday grocery stuff is Thrive Market. I buy paper products, some vitamins and supplements, snacks, dry goods, etc. through Thrive. (And, I need to do that soon if we don’t want to run out of toilet paper ;-).) The cool thing about me sharing Thrive Market with you… Every time one of my friends orders through my Thrive Market link, a membership is donated to a needy family. I love that!! If you sign up for a membership, I get credit, and then you can start sharing the love too. What a fantastic company!

When it comes to meats, I buy grass fed and organic when I can. I buy local when possible for my meats, and my fruits and veggies. Fresh and local is so much healthier. This year I’m going to be part of a CSA with our local farmer’s market, Emily’s Produce.  I can’t wait to share what I get with y’all, I’m going to need some help with recipes. When I can’t buy local,  I buy grass fed ground beef from the Tropical Traditions site, Grassfed Traditions. I would love to buy more meat from them, but the cost is a bit prohibitive unless there are sales. When the ground beef is on sale for 40% off, I buy 12 lbs. at a time. It’s great quality at a good price, and taste fabulous!

10″ Skillet with Cherry Chups Meatloaf pie

What you to cook your food in matters too. We invested in Ceramcor & Xtrema Cookware.  I just couldn’t bring myself to keep cooking on teflon or aluminum. One of my favorite pieces of cookware is my grill pan, it can go from stovetop to oven, and so does the 10″ skillet to make meatloaf (pie). Yum. I also have the silicone storage containers and collecting the wooden cooking utensils a few at a time. Ceramcor has great sales too.

Now, about Chups… All natural fruit ketchup that comes in multiple flavors, our faves are cherry and spicy pineapple. I highly recommend you check them out. These speciality ketchups are good for cooking and topping. They are made right in Washington, DC. Support these young entrepreneurs, and enjoy a tasty, all natural sensation.  😉

One product I truly believe in for total health and wellness is my Shakeology. Shakeology is a nutritional supplement by BeachBody that provides multiple sources of proteins (plant proteins in the vegan are my preference), digestive enzymes, pre and probiotics, adaptogenic herbs, and antioxidant superfoods. IMG_2538One of the best parts for me, I get my chocolate fix! 😉 Shakeology contains nothing artificial, no preservative, no chemicals, no artificial sweeteners, just a little stevia. I HAVE to have my Shakeo every day! I even take it with me when I travel. It helps keep me nourished, satisfied, and I believe healthier. I’d be happy to chat with you about the benefits of Shakeology, just contact me in the comments below or via email. I have fitness and nutrition groups that can help you balance the proper nutrition with daily activity to be the healthiest you that you can be. That’s part my Wellness Coaching gig! 😉

I also believe in using essential oils for health and wellness. My family uses oils for multiple things. We are replacing synthetic and chemical products as much as possible.  IMG_1860I use some of doTerra’s products like the hand soap, household cleaner and laundry detergent. These products smell good, promote a healthy immune system, are chemical free, and non-toxic. Essential oils deserve as much respect as any medication. They are potent. They are useful. And, for my family, they work. IMG_2302

I think that covers most of it, if you have questions about products that you use, I encourage you to do your research. I read multiple sources to find out the most information I can. I share what I can, but I am not perfect nor am I all knowing, so I encourage you to be educated.

I’d be happy to chat about any products and I’m always looking for new healthy ways to take care of my family. I’d love for you to share some of your family secrets.

Nothing easy about knowing all this info, but together, we will figure it out… and while we do, be sure to Enjoy the Journey!  🙂

My energy source and driving force.

*I am an affiliate for some of the products above, but not all. I hope that you trust me enough to use the links I’ve provided. Not only are you helping make the change to keep your family healthy, you’re making a choice to help me support and keep my family healthy. Thank you for your trust. 🙂

2 thoughts on “My Family’s Trusty Secrets

  1. Katie – just started reading your information and am learning so much. I have recently been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and am always fighting fatigue and weight issues. Have tried everything!! I am doing the Shakeology and love it too. Need to work on more changes.


    1. Hi, Susan! I’m so glad you’re finding my info helpful. Fibro def stems from gut issues, be sure to read my latest post on Digestive Health. We are all constantly working on changing ourselves for the better. And, if you’re looking for a Beachbody coach, I’d be happy to have you on my team, working with a team helps me stay more accountable to my health and fitness. We’d love to have you along.


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