Nutrition for Families (Online Course)

Are you trying to get your family to “EAT HEALTHY”?

Ever wonder what to pack in your kids’ lunch? Ever wish you knew what to eat to help keep your immune system healthy? Ever wish you could give your kids good food and they weren’t so picky about it?? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Me too… I’ve figured out most of it and I’m planning to share!!

This was my girl’s lunch for school today!

Not sure where to start or how to know what’s right for your family… HERE’S YOUR CHANCE!

I see so many people suffering from chronic health issues (allergies, obesity, diabetes, headaches, chronic colds and bronchitis, constipation, stomach aches, etc.) and it can ALL improve with the right foods.

Did you know that some of the foods we eat can actually CAUSE and WORSEN health problems?? 😱 

And, constantly taking  💊 won’t help. 😑 

It’s so hard to know what’s right.

After working as a nurse and pediatric nurse practitioner for almost 20 years I’ve finally learned the MISSING LINK.

I am offering an online course for you to learn the secrets that I’ve learned. This course will focus on:

  • eating to boost the immune system,
  • eating for better sleep
  • eating for better energy
  • eating for better focus and less brain fog
  • eating to reduce the effects of our environment on our health
  • and helping you implement those changes (even with picky eaters).

I am on a mission to decrease chronic disease in our society, and it starts with right at home with our own family. I’ve helped mine, now I want to help yours. 

We will connect via private online FB community with videos, articles and live chat. This is a self-paced course to learn more about holistic nutrition for your family. If you’re interested in joining me or know someone that might be, reach out and/or sign up below.

This is going to be LIFE CHANGING in so many ways! 

Be the change w Me and Drew

“I took the Nutrition for Families class and I loved it! I learned so much information about spices/foods that are gut healing along with many ideas for meals that my kids (who are picky!) will eat. I highly recommend this class!” ~ Aly G. 


Online Webinar

Online Nutrition Webinar