KT Consulting: Kitchen Table Consulting

Health and Wellness Consulting Services

~Health Consulting the way Grandma would have done it, around the kitchen table. And you might even smell a big pot of chicken soup simmering on the stove.

**if you’re looking for my Health & Wellness Articles, click here.

Let’s meet at the kitchen table… 

We’ll meet at the table (or online) and chat about everyday health challenges, immune health, nutrition, mood, sleep, cravings, aches and pains, and detoxing our body along with our environment. Learn to relax and unwind and enjoy antiinflammatory living. We could exchange a recipe or 2 and maybe even whip up something good to eat. The choice is yours. 

The goal: better health as evidenced by fewer aches and pains, less fatigue, better sleep, elevated moods, ENERGY, and a less stressed lifestyle. We might even be able to reverse symptoms of some of those chronic disease issues that haunt so many of us. 

Make a Reservation

  • 1:1 
  • Groups 
  • Workshops

Enjoy 1:1 sessions to help you focus on your health and happiness and then get a few friends together and participate in the groups to keep you focused and motivated. 

Personal Sessions: (60 min), 1:1 consulting, $60/hr

~Dive into your personal issues. We can map out your health history, pinpoint problematic symptoms, and make a plan to get your journey started. Personalized health education for you. Meal planning. Mindfulness/stress relief. What questions to ask your health care provider.

Groups (90 min), 2-4 meetings

  • $35 pp each session for 2-5 people
  • $30 pp each session 5-10 people 
  • $20 pp each session 10-20 people 

~Discuss issues related to everyday health questions and myths. We’ll focus on gastrointestinal health, immune health, mental health, autoimmune issues, thyroid issues, allergies- environmental and food, and sleep. We’ll discuss toxins and pathogens. Discuss nutrition supplements, vitamins, exercise/fitness. Meal planning. Recipe sharing/cooking demo. Mindfulness/meditation/stress relief. 

(This is not a place for 1:1 personal health consults unless discussed in advance.) 


Cost varies depending on venue and topic requests. Depending on venue and location, travel expenses may be included in total cost.

Online FB group:

Free for all clients for ongoing support and encouragement. 

Are you ready to sit around the kitchen table and chat about living a happier, healthier and more productive life?

Let’s have a seat. 😊

Make a Reservation with Katie via email: katiepinktolley@gmail.com

For my overachievers that want to read ahead, start with my Digestive Health Series:

*Current pricing good thru June 30, 2020.

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