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Dear 17 (there’s always more;)

Dear 17, Those that die...  they don't want to... not really ... They just don't know what else to do... It's not that nobody is listening... It's that nobody hears... Nobody has time to really absorb the impact, the compound effect of what's happening... The words are never clear, or never clear enough... But, TRUST… Continue reading Dear 17 (there’s always more;)

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What to tell the kids when Grandpa is sick… and isn’t going to get better

Keeping kids informed helps them understand what is going on. Kids know when things aren't quite right in the family. So, keeping important information from them can actually be more harmful than protective. So, what do you tell your little one when Grandpa is sick? You tell them the truth, on their level, of course.… Continue reading What to tell the kids when Grandpa is sick… and isn’t going to get better

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Death.... it changes everything... Your perspective. Your actions. Your emotions. Your daily thoughts. Your goodbyes. EVERYTHING. High school was when I experienced the death of a friend for the first time. It changes you. Kevin had leukemia. All he wanted to do was graduate from HS, he made it to April. I WAS SO MAD!… Continue reading DEATH