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Natural Cold (URI) Remedies

Yesterday, my girl was feeling bad, stuffy, headache, sore throat, a little nausea, and so upset about it all. She is such a healthy child, she doesn't do sick well, it brings tears. This just means I need to try double hard to make it go away quicker... how do you chase a cold, a… Continue reading Natural Cold (URI) Remedies

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Experiment #2: Mo’s sinus issues (doTerra trio of relief)

What kind of relief can essential oils provide for sinuses? I'll be letting you know soon. I'm pleasantly surprised with the results we are seeing in just a few days. We've started using lavender, lemon and peppermint to help with sinus relief. My husband has some of the worse sinus problems I've seen. He's tried everything… Continue reading Experiment #2: Mo’s sinus issues (doTerra trio of relief)

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Is that sore throat Strep? How to know…

It's spring time, which means it's the season for Strep Throat! Not that strep has to be in season, but spring is the most common time for strep. I've gotten a call today from a parent asking me if I would call in an antibiotic because her daughter has a sore throat and stomach ache.… Continue reading Is that sore throat Strep? How to know…

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Don’t eat that egg…You’re allergic to Ragweed…Huh??

Why in the world would I be telling you not to eat eggs if your allergic to Ragweed?? Concomitant Food Allergies. Did you know there are certain foods that can make your environmental allergies worse? There are also foods that can worsen food allergies and food intolerance. These are called Concomitant or Synergistic Allergies. When certain… Continue reading Don’t eat that egg…You’re allergic to Ragweed…Huh??

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It’s just a “cold”…so now what??

We have all suffered with colds throughout our lifetime.  A cold or URI/upper respiratory infection can be miserable. URI symptoms are cough, congestion, runny nose (clear or yellowish), low-grade fevers (<102F), sore throat, decreased appetite, disturbed sleep and overall just miserable feeling.  If fevers accompany the cough and congestion, a day off to rest isn't… Continue reading It’s just a “cold”…so now what??