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Homemade Southwest Chicken Soup

Ok, it's taken me forever to finally sit down and write this, it's because i don't measure everything and throw it all together, but I've done this twice and it's been great both times, so here it is. Y'all know I'm not good at measurements, so everything is kinda approximate so feel free to adjust… Continue reading Homemade Southwest Chicken Soup

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Puppy Love = Healthy Puppy Food (The Raw Way)

YAY, ME!! I just finished making my first homemade batch of dog food. Yes, I said dog food... I know... crazy! I don't even cook most of the dinners in our house (Thankfully, my hubby is a great cook)! I didn't even make my kids' baby food. Have you read the label on baby food?… Continue reading Puppy Love = Healthy Puppy Food (The Raw Way)