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From 6lbs to Bigger Than Me

I've always known.... someday it was going to happen.... I look up at him now.... My little 6 pound, 37 weeker. It seems like just yesterday he was obsessed with trains and his batman cape. He was a Conductor/Engineer/Superhero in the making for years. 🙂 And, now, his voice has started changing, it's so different.... Who… Continue reading From 6lbs to Bigger Than Me

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Mom “Firsts”

Who cries when they drop their kid off for SATs?? Who does that?? (Yes, I'm raising my hand.) In my own (emotional) defense, he is taking them early, so, it's not like I dropped a high school junior off, he just finished 7th grade yesterday. (Well, it was yesterday when I started this post, summer… Continue reading Mom “Firsts”