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Digestive Health Lesson #2 – It all Starts with Inflammation

Dr. Tanya Edwards, director of the Center for Integrative Medicine (Cleveland), wrote that inflammation is now recognized as the underlying basis of a significant number of diseases.

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Springtime & Sneezes…You might have allergies if…

AAAACCHHOOOO! Excuse me! We're having a little problem with allergies already this spring, how about you?!? It's Springtime and allergies are in full flare! I love Spring, it is my favorite season! The grass is so green, the flowers are so pretty and brilliant, the birdies are singing, the air is warming up, what's not to… Continue reading Springtime & Sneezes…You might have allergies if…

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Are you thirsty? The Importance of HYDRATION!

Tonight’s dinner table conversation landed on the topic of how much water Joshua is NOT drinking during the day.  Drew Elizabeth isn't much better (but got a reprieve because she was at Bible study).  When Joshua and Morgan asked me how much water he (Joshua) should be drinking.  I told them that he should have at least… Continue reading Are you thirsty? The Importance of HYDRATION!