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Toddlers and Hydration

Good morning everyone!

I had someone ask about the proper amount of fluids for a toddler.  I thought others may have the same question, and a short blog is just the answer.

Toddlers will usually self-hydrate adequately if given proper nutrition and a sippy cup of water during the day.  Toddlers usually need half of what school aged kids need, therefore approximately 40 oz/day.  Juice intake should not be more than 4-6 oz/day.  All juice should be 100% juice, with no sugar added.  Juice can be diluted with water, so it can go twice as far.  Dilute half water and half juice for a total intake of 8-12 oz of fluids.  (I’m not going to address the recent issues with arsenic in juice, that’s for another day.)

Having fun coloring, and I have my sippy cup!!

Remember, proper nutrition is always  key to good health.   Adequate amounts of fruits during the day provide extra hydration.  Toddlers should be getting 2-3 glasses of milk a day.  Milk intake should not exceed 24oz/day to avoid absorption problems in the GI tract which can lead to anemia.

Dark and/or strong smelling urine, constipation, and dry skin can all be a signs of inadequate hydration.

I hope this helps you enjoy the journey!

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