Toddlers and Hydration

Good morning everyone!

I had someone ask about the proper amount of fluids for a toddler.  I thought others may have the same question, and a short blog is just the answer.

Toddlers will usually self-hydrate adequately if given proper nutrition and a sippy cup of water during the day.  Toddlers usually need half of what school aged kids need, therefore approximately 40 oz/day.  Juice intake should not be more than 4-6 oz/day.  All juice should be 100% juice, with no sugar added.  Juice can be diluted with water, so it can go twice as far.  Dilute half water and half juice for a total intake of 8-12 oz of fluids.  (I’m not going to address the recent issues with arsenic in juice, that’s for another day.)

Having fun coloring, and I have my sippy cup!!

Remember, proper nutrition is always  key to good health.   Adequate amounts of fruits during the day provide extra hydration.  Toddlers should be getting 2-3 glasses of milk a day.  Milk intake should not exceed 24oz/day to avoid absorption problems in the GI tract which can lead to anemia.

Dark and/or strong smelling urine, constipation, and dry skin can all be a signs of inadequate hydration.

I hope this helps you enjoy the journey!

Are you thirsty? The Importance of HYDRATION!

Tonight’s dinner table conversation landed on the topic of how much water Joshua is NOT drinking during the day.  Drew Elizabeth isn’t much better (but got a reprieve because she was at Bible study).  When Joshua and Morgan asked me how much water he (Joshua) should be drinking.  I told them that he should have at least 60-80 ounces every day.  A surprised Josh said, “What? How is that even possible?”   I took a deep breath….  Then, I told him if he actually drank the water bottle he kept on his desk at school, it wouldn’t be hard at all.  I explained that if he drank one full water bottle at lunchtime, after morning recess and again at afternoon recess he would probably drink most of his daily requirement.  I reminded him this would be the perfect time to have a big drink of water.  After being outside playing for 15-20 minutes, there is no doubt he is thirsty.  The rest of his fluids could be obtained through milk, lemonade, juice, fruits, etc.   “Oh, yeah!?!” was his only response; translation to my ears, “YOU WIN, MOMMY!”  🙂

Encourage your children to drink water starting at a young age.  School aged children should drink approximately 60-80 oz of fluid a day.  Fluid intake can include any fluid that does NOT contain caffeine or carbonation.

Please give a sippy cup of water to your toddler. My children always had a sippy cup of water with them when they were little, even when they went to bed.  Once they outgrow the sippy cup stage, get them their own water bottle.  Kids love to have their own things, and a reusable water bottle is good for our planet!

Newborns should not have water.  They need 100% of their intake to contain calories for proper growth and development.  Children do not need extra water during the first few months of life, they get all they need from formula and/or breastmilk.

During the hot months of summer and during exercise, you need extra hydration. For every hour that you sweat, you should add 16oz to your daily intake.

In future posts I’ll address the importance of hydration for constipation, dry skin, allergies, headaches, and other health issues.

Thanks for enjoying the journey with me!