It REALLY Is All About The POO


Did you really think I would use a pic with poo?

Conversation for family night out to dinner went something like this; fortunately, we were done and paying the bill…

“Can we leave, I have to poop?”

“Can you wait til we get home, or do you really have to go?”

“No. Gotta go.”

“Then, go!”

Returns to table… me, “Did you go?”

“Yes, but now I have to fart, can I go outside?”

As we are riding home… “Well, isn’t it healthy to poop more???”

So, when my husband decided we needed to change the subject, I had to sum it all up quickly or my teachable moment was just lost on poo.

“Yes, if your poo is daily, soft, easy, medium brown, and long, it’s healthy. If it’s hard, makes you strain, too dark, small, little rabbit balls, and not everyday, it’s just not.”

If your poo is healthy, you are healthy! Just is. Funny, huh? Great, now, listen up!

Your poo is a direct indication of how healthy you are.

If you are eating well and eating foods that don’t inflam your gut, you are absorbing the nutrients that your body needs to be well, keep your immune system healthy, heal thyself.

If you are not eating well, you will not poop daily. You will disturb the lining of the gut (likely resulting in leaky gut), you will interfere with nutrient absorption (now we start to get inflammation and diseases), you will not get the vitamins and minerals and nutrients that your body needs to be healthy (immune system not healthy and functioning its best), and you get sick more easily (can’t heal thyself).

Sounds simple. It is. Too simple. No. That’s just the basics, folks! Of course, there’s more to know, but this is the moral of the story.

For the family members in this house that are now avoiding their food intolerances and have added Shakeology, I am happy to report, their poo is getting healthier. Funny how that happens. 😉

Poo really matters. Make sure your family has healthy poo if you really want to enjoy a long, happy, healthy journey! And, that means asking your tweens and teens if they are pooping daily. Don’t think you have to? Think they are going daily? Ok, ask them… Let me know what you find out. I’ve been in the exam room with many a mom that is shocked. I work with 10-18 year olds now, they do not poop every day. Trust me.

Yes, Moms, one more thing! Suck it up, it last a 1/4 of your life. At least the poop part is better than the vomit part. You love it, admit it! 😉

YOU, and ONLY YOU, are in control of your journey! ENJOY IT!

*If you have little kids or big kids that are constipated, read more here and be sure to read the link above about food intolerances and what they look like. Food intolerances seem to be the first thing that will cause constipation, no matter how much fiber and hydration you get.



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