Because I can

11870736_10205366104767915_6178803902882541499_nTonight, like every night,

I walk my path.

Tired. My bed is so much closer, but I have to…

Because I can.

Someday, I won’t be able to.

Tonight, I can.

He was curled up, hard to find his face, but I did.

Then, to her room.

I’d already been in here once.

We’d already had our routine.

Him too.

Both had oils, smiles, chat, hug. 😉

But, I still had to walk to their room,

and kiss them good night,

just one more time.

Because I can.

It’s what I do.




I’m a Mom.


Always enjoy the journey.

Because we can. 😉

sunset on riverside


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