Double Chocolate Pumpkin Cupcakes…YUMMMMY!

I wanted to share something yummy with you from my cousin, Nikki.  Nikki is a former AOL Content Manager turned Mommy Blogger, Cake Designer and Freelance Writer! She used to be in the high tech business world, but has started her second and third career while staying home with her adorable little girl, Molly! She is unbelievably creative and I enjoy when she comes to visit and brings her Noms by Nikki!! This weeks recipe was Double Chocolate Pumpkin Cupcakes with Pumpkin Spice Buttercream icing! Unfortunately, because she lives in Northern VA, and I haven’t actually gotten to eat one of these beauties!

They are so pretty and look scrumptious!!!

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Let them eat cake…for breakfast??

Two thumbs up for cake for breakfast!! I was lucky enough to spend the morning taste testing wedding cake with my brother and future sister-in-law, Yummmm!!! We laughed about having cake for breakfast.  Sarah said, “this would be a good one for your blog”…I think she was right.  The smart one was Sarah’s mom, who ate an egg before our mini cake marathon.  Eggs are a great source of protein, so that was a good idea.  So,  when I thought about today’s daily dose of helpful hints, I figured I would write a bit about some nutrition basics.

So, is it really OK to eat cake for breakfast??  Not regularly, but I believe anything and everything is acceptable in moderation. Cake for a special occasion, birthday, or on vacation is no big deal no matter what time of day as long as we follow healthy eating habits and live a healthy lifestyle most of the time.

I usually let the kids go a little overboard when we are on vacation…why not, it is vacation. BTW-That’s how I get away with eating Key Lime pie for breakfast! Have you ever heard the song Kenny Chesney wrote about Key Lime Pie? Great song, it used to be the theme song in the Pilates class I taught. A little encouragement while we were exercising. 😉  My, My, My, Key Lime Pie…. (if you want to hear the song,

So, now that I have you thinking about cake and pie (sorry), I’ll tell you about some Daily Nutrition Basics for everyone:

  • Eat 4-5 servings of fruits or vegetables daily.  Fruits and vegetables have essential vitamins and nutrients that our bodies need for good health.  Fruits and veggies add daily fiber, which is necessary for a healthy gastrointestinal system.  Notice this is servings per day, a large bowl of fruit or a large salad may give you multiple servings at one time.
  • Eat 2-3 servings of protein daily.  Protein builds muscle.  Muscle burns fat.  Eating protein and exercising daily can help increase lean muscle mass.  Protein comes from many sources, such as: fish, meat, eggs, beans, nuts, and peanut butter.
  • Drink your milk,  and chocolate is fine with me!! Calcium is crucial for good bone growth and development, and maintaining good bone density.  Milk and other dairy products are an excellent source of calcium.  For optimal bone health, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommends:  1 to 3 years old — 700 milligrams of calcium daily, 4 to 8 years old — 1000 milligrams, 9 to 18 years old — 1,300 milligrams.  One 8oz glass of milk or calcium fortified OJ has about 300mg of calcium.  For more information on Calcium intake and sources of calcium, visit.
  • When eating carbohydrates, eat whole grains vs. white flour products.  Whole grains are healthier and better for our digestive system than white flour.
  • Meals should be equally balanced with protein, fiber and carbohydrates.
  • Control your potion size.  An adequate portion is the size of your fist or palm.  Keep in mind, for children, it is the size of THEIR fist or palm.  If your child wants second helpings, encourage seconds of protein and veggies before seconds of carbs.
  • And, of course, if you read any of my post, you know daily water intake is a must for proper nutrition. Check out my post on hydration for more details.

I tell my patients that they should follow these basic rules, everything else is alright in moderation. Living a healthy lifestyle consists of healthy eating habits, as well as staying active and getting regular exercise.  Yes, it’s ok to have sweets, but not all the time.

I hope these basic rules will help you keep your family happy and healthy.

So, while you enjoy the journey…. Let them eat cake!!!  😉