Reading makes you smarter… Check out Pete and His cool school shoes!

I found this old post that I never published. Finding time to blog has obviously been challenging to say the least. I have so many ideas in my head, and I can’t seem to find time to sit down at the computer long enough to make it happen. So, without further adieu, here’s Pete the Cat and his cool school shoes…

I promised that I would start sharing some great children’s books, but finding the time is my challenge. So, tonight I (once again) read Drew Elizabeth a book about one of her favorite characters from literature – Pete the Cat.

Pete the Cat

Pete is one “cool” cat. The book I want to share with you tonight is one of many in the Pete the Cat series…

Pete the Cat and His School Shoes

Pete enjoys all kinds of activities at school, and thinks lunch, the library, and all the other activities he gets to participate in are even cooler because he can rock them in his school shoes.  Pete is one cool dude, and singing along to Pete in his adventures is one of the best parts of reading together with your child. Drew and I have been reading this book since the middle of 1st grade, and Pete and his school shoes are just as cool as ever!!

Pete also has a few other cool books where he learns about losing his “grooovy” buttons, has a big lunch, loves his white socks, along with other adventures by Eric Litwin.

I hope you and your family enjoy hanging out with Pete the Cat as much as we do!

Enjoy the journey, friends!! 🙂

Reading makes you smarter… No doubt about it!

Well, Hello there!! Wow, I can’t believe it’s been 2 months since I’ve had the time to check in and share. Time really goes by WAY to fast some days!  I started writing this blog to help share my pediatric and parenting insight, and now I sit here with Josh helping me enhance my blog… WTH?

Things in our house are changing a bit- Joshua has finished his elementary education and is venturing into the middle school years. My baby girl is going into 2nd grade in the fall. How does this happen? If you are a parent, I’m sure you get it. For those of you with babies and toddlers, just you wait. I’m writing this as the 11 and 7 year old are wrestling in bed next to me, as Drew says, “… this may be getting a little out of hand!”  Josh begs to differ, as an 11 year old boy the rougher the better!

So, with all the changes that go on, I’ve decided to add a new aspect to Mom’s Daily Dose. I am constantly telling the kids that I see in my office that “reading makes you smarter!” I tell them that learning more (from reading a book) than what you learn in the classroom can ONLY make you smarter, RIGHT???  I truly believe this, and think that promoting reading and literature is a must with children. So, I’ve decided to share the books that we think are some of the best in children’s literature.

The first book I want to share is Rainbow Fish, By Marcus Pfister! Just yesterday, Drew was reading Rainbow Fish to friends of ours. If you’d like to see a video of the reading of Rainbow fish, click here.


Drew reading Rainbow Fish to a couple of our favorite babies!

Rainbow Fish is great for all those children learning to like books, and learning to read. Drew probably got her first Rainbow Fish book when she was 2 or 3 years old. Rainbow Fish is so bright and colorful, kids love it. And, Rainbow Fish teaches great lessons about being kind to others. So, the next time you are looking for a good book or a gift for a toddler or pre-school age child, pick up Rainbow Fish. They will love it!

After Rainbow Fish, Drew read the girls a Pete the Cat book. So, next time, I’ll tell you more about Pete the Cat, and his new shoes!

I hope all of you are taking the time to stop and smell the roses, or as I like to say, “enjoying the journey.” 😉

What books are some of your children’s favorite books?? Please share.