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Feed Your Spirit

Are you struggling to get it all done? Are you struggling to finish the To Do List? Are you struggling to put yourself first? That's when you'll finally get it all done... when you take care of you first. During the months of October, November, and December, I'm going to prioritize me, and I'm inviting… Continue reading Feed Your Spirit

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Adaptogenic Herbs: Mother Nature’s Secret Medicine

It wasn't until a few years ago that I'd even heard the term "Adaptogenic Herbs" and when I did I still wasn't quite sure what they were or what they did. Adapt means to modify, change or restructure. Adaptgenic herbs have the amazing ability to modify, change and restructure our body at a cellular level.… Continue reading Adaptogenic Herbs: Mother Nature’s Secret Medicine

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Natural Cold (URI) Remedies

Yesterday, my girl was feeling bad, stuffy, headache, sore throat, a little nausea, and so upset about it all. She is such a healthy child, she doesn't do sick well, it brings tears. This just means I need to try double hard to make it go away quicker... how do you chase a cold, a… Continue reading Natural Cold (URI) Remedies