RUDOLPH NOSES (As requested by Drew)

Rudolph Noses are the delicious blending of pretzels, chocolate kisses, and M&Ms… Oh, it’s so tasty…

IMG_6151We were given these treats years ago from my BFF, Michelle. She makes all kinds of tasty goodies. Drew has since named them Rudolph noses. We’ve been making them for a couple years now, and give them as gifts to teachers and friends.

Drew thought it would be a great idea for me to share how to make Rudolph Noses with all my Mom’s Daily Dose friends. So, here you go…

  1. Use small twist pretzels, lay them flat on a cookie sheet.IMG_6149
  2. Unwrap lots of Hershey’s Kisses, eat a few and put the rest on top of the pretzels as in the picture above.
  3. Put in the oven at 350F for 2 minutes.
  4. After you remove them from the oven, push an M&M into the middle of the Hershey’s Kiss.
  5. Let cool over an hour before trying to store them. They will be gooey for quite a while. This is a good time to taste them to see if they are too gooey to store. 😉

If you’ve never enjoyed the blending of salty pretzels, milk chocolate, and crunch candy coated M&Ms, you just don’t know what you’re missing. These are always a hit. Hope you get a chance to make them sometime soon.

I’m hoping to share a few more tasty treats throughout the Holidays, so stay tuned.

Here’s to hoping you and yours Enjoy the journey this holiday season!!


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