Happy Birthday, My Boy!


Trying out his Hard Rock hat and drum sticks on our DC trip!

I’m celebrating Joshua’s birthday today, but also my birthday as a Mom! My Boy has changed my world in so many wonderful and amazing ways! He has taught me that there are rules to parenting that don’t fit every kid, especially this one!

With kids, just when you think you know what you’re doing, they forget to read the book and respond accordingly…. ugh! My husband and I have been on this Journey called Parenting for 11 years now….and hope it will continue for many, many, many more!

Happy Birthday to my Joshua! The catalyst that started this unbelievable journey called parenthood!


Here’s to hoping we all continue to ENJOY THE JOURNEY!!! 

For more information about the beginning of this journey and tips about childbirth, check out my post Happy Birthday Baby Boy, A Whole New World!

For more on the challenges of parenthood and life with Joshua, check this one out… Parenting = Biggest Rewards + Most Frustrating Job You Will Ever Have!!

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