“Spring Forward” without meltdowns…. Help your child adjust to the Time Change

If you have a baby or small child, it maybe painfully obvious that they don’t tell time! 

So, How can you help your little one adjust to the time change? 

Children have a difficult time changing schedules, especially by an entire hour. When babies in the hospital need schedule changes, the change is made in small time increments.

Try to change your child’s schedule by 15 minutes at a time each day.

For example, if dinner is usually at 6:00, keep in mind 6:00 is now 7:00. Waiting an extra hour for food is way too long for a little one. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how quickly a hungry or tired child can have a meltdown. 😉 You could have dinner at 5:15 the first day, 5:30 the second day, 5:45 the third day, and by the fourth day, dinner is at 6:00 again. If you have the opportunity, spend a few days at each new time before moving on. Keep in mind, bedtime is now an hour later, which means they may wake an hour earlier than you plan if you don’t help them adjust. It may be that your child is off schedule enough that it is more difficult to wake them in the morning, small changes can help. If you have little ones that don’t go to school, this is much easier. If you have a little one that has to get up and go to school or daycare, you may have more of a challenge. If you need to be back on schedule by Monday (only 2 days away), you can force the change a little quicker by changing things by 30 minutes vs 15 minutes. It will not be as smooth of an adjustment, but it should be helpful.

Filling the time before meals with small healthy snacks such as fruit or veggies to help hold them over until the new dinnertime can be helpful too.

I learned early along my parenting journey that the time change can wreak havoc on a child with a good schedule. Good parenting involves schedules, so most kids will have some adjustment to make.  I hope this info makes “Springing forward” easier for your family! Good luck and I hope you are Enjoying the Journey! 🙂

Small Dose #4- Speak up!!

 If you observe children teasing or bullying, speak up…. kids depend on adults to help them and protect them. Bullying can severely impact a child’s self esteem. Teach your child to be kind to others, and expect the same in return! Tell your children to report bullying to you or another trusted adult. It’s going to take adult interference to stop bullying! So, while on this journey we call parenthood SPEAK UP & INTERFERE!!

Small Dose #3 – Sleep

Sleep is a vital need for good health! Make sure your kids have a good bedtime routine.  If your child wakes up tired, they are not getting enough sleep.  If your child wakes up ready to take on the world, sounds like the zzzzz’s were enough. A child that doesn’t get enough sleep is not able to function at their best potential.  Children that do not get enough sleep will exhibit symptoms similar to ADHD; they may have trouble paying attention and retaining important information. More info in a future post on the importance of sleep! Thanks for joining me on this amazing journey called parenthood!! 😉

Small Dose #2

Everyone is sick around you….. WHAT CAN YOU DO to avoid getting sick too????

The #1 preventative action you can take to help keep you healthy is handwashing! Check out http://www.cdc.gov/healthywater/hygiene/hand/handwashing.html to learn more.

Wash your hands!! 

The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development states proper nutrition can, “Increase energy and the body’s ability to fight off illness.” To learn more about nutrition, visit http://www.nichd.nih.gov/health/topics/diet_and_nutrition.cfm.

Eat Healthy!!  

I hope this is helpful!

Enjoy the journey!! 🙂