Small Dose #6 – Medication Conversions

I felt it was necessary to provide a resource of medication conversions based on my last post about Medication Safety. Children depend on their parents to keep them safe and healthy. Don’t let them down!

1/4 tsp = 1.25cc

1/2 tsp = 2.5 cc

3/4 tsp = 3.75 cc

1 tsp = 5 cc

1 tbsp = 15 cc

1 oz = 30cc

cc = ml (same thing, different label)

I urge you to take the administration of medication very seriously, your child’s life depends on it! Do not give medications frequently unless advised by your child’s health care provider.

There is just so much to learn and be responsible for on this Parenting journey! It really does take a village! 😉

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