Small Dose #8 – April Fool’s from Our “Out of the Box” Thinker!

(There was a picture here with about 15 toilet paper rolls inside my husbands pillowcase that said, “You just got pranked…”, I guess it was “inappropriate” because it has disappeared from my post) 😦

After tonight’s post about ADHD and how creative these “out of the box” thinker’s can be, I knew I needed to share this!!

Tonight, when my husband went to bed, this is what he found….

His pillowcase was stuffed full of toilet paper rolls with a note from Joshua…

“You just got PRANKED… April Fool’s!”

Hahahahahaha, I told you this kid keeps us on our toes!!!

Gotta love the creativity!!

Happy April Fool’s Day to you and your family!

I hope your journey is just as exciting as ours! 😛

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