Small Dose #5 – Don’t just say it, live it!!

Be an example for your children!

Children watch and learn from the adults in their life.

Do not judge other’s for their differences, but embrace what makes us all unique! 


Be kind to others, and teach your children to treat others the way they want to be treated!

Say “Hello” to passersby.

Encourage your children to help those in need.

We all need to come together in our own community to make it a better place for our children’s future.

Volunteer in your community and encourage your children to do the same!

SPENDING TIME with your child is the MOST VALUABLE thing you can do for them,

and the one thing they WANT and NEED most in this world!

Don’t just say it, live it! 

4 thoughts on “Small Dose #5 – Don’t just say it, live it!!

  1. Love this . My mom taught me – along time ago and half a world away from where I live now in Singapore – that you should always greet people, and that you say thank you and show your appreciation when they perform a service for you. And now I have taught my kids to do the same. I always smile and say hello to the bus driver when I get on a bus and thank you when I get off and often receive incredulous stares from others who obviously think I am either mad or that it is just another weird western thing. From the bus drivers, I get only smiles and great service. It is only when you engage others that you can start to learn and understand each other – smiling is always a great way to break the ice. The rest is up to you…


    • Sandra, Thanks for the feedback and support! I can’t believe you found my blog halfway around the world, but glad you did! Hope all is well in Singapore; its a beautiful, sunny warm Spring day here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland! Thanks again, and please feel free to share my blog.:-)


  2. This is so true. I think far too often parents become sidetracked with things that are not important. For example, I have read a few blogs and had discussions with moms who find the need to label parenting. They are so quick to judge others and label their parenting style as attached, free-range, helicopter, tiger, etc. In the meantime their own children are off entertaining themselves, or worse, in front of various screens, television screens, computer screens, phone screens. Parents need to unplug all the technology, stop worrying about how others are parenting, and get in tune with their own children. I really like your advice to volunteer together, that can be an amazing family bonding experience.


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