What’s Your Excuse?? Reality Maybe?

Here’s my list of excuses:

  • Congenital Hip Dysplasiaaf8119baa06da42794553e2c664e150c
  • Asthma
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • My Kids, time I want to spend with them, and the time they just need me
  • Work
  • Taxiing my kids to/from wherever it is they have to be….
  • Care for my family, aka paying bills, cleaning, pet care, permission slips, troubleshooting printers (and f’n routers every couple months, like right now, ugh), school plays, guitar lessons, horseback riding, groceries that. are. always. gone.!!
  • Then, of course, something unexpected throws the whole game plan off….. Like today’s migraine… UGH!

Excuse vs. Reality? Reality really is what it comes down to when you think about it. We are so hard on ourselves sometimes, we’re usually our own worst enemy. Let me ask you… Who’s harder on you? You or someone else??  I’m pretty sure I know the answer…. We are all too hard on ourselves. 😦

So, why do we say we are making excuses when we can’t fit in a workout? The word excuse makes me think that I’m quitting, I’m copping out, giving up… but am I? NO, well, it depends on the day. There are days that I’m motivated and ready, but I know if I workout my headache will just get worse, that’s kinda counterproductive.  There are days that I do have time, I do feel well, and I still don’t exercise. Is that ok? On occasion, but NOT all the time.


Be a part of your environment, like my girls here. 😉

Think about this…. What is your body meant to do? It’s meant to move, think, be active, create, interact with the environment and people in it. So…LET’S DO IT! Move. Create. Be active – Anywhere. Make it your habit to always be interactive with your environment. It helps the psyche. 🙂

I have a bad hip, a little birth defect thing. I had casts as a baby and then braces until I walked. I still have one leg shorter than the other; my right hip hurts and limits me every day. It’s better when I’m in good shape though, so good incentive. We ALL have our own ‘normal’ and not being able to workout everyday is a reality sometimes. BUT, don’t make it a habit! Schedule your workout. If your schedule gets messed up, that’s one thing, but if you never schedule it….well… when ya gonna do it?

It bugs me that my Fibro keeps me stiff and achy most mornings. I’d love to get up and get my workout in before the rest of my responsibilities of the day. That’s just not my reality, not an excuse, just is. I continue to prove it to myself every few years. Recently, I got up early to start doing my workouts. That lasted about a week… The next week, the hip went, it was too early. Some days, I have to remind myself I’m not superwoman. But, other days, I do a damn good impression. 😉

DON’T be too hard on yourself if you can’t get a workout in…

DO continue to ask yourself where you can fit it in your schedule? 

FIT your workout in!!

EAT Real Foods!

Learn to juggle life with a smile. 🙂

Live YOUR reality!

And, try your best to Enjoy this Journey!  (no excuses) 😉

positive life.v2

*If you want more info about the foods we avoid as a family, read this. If you want more info about the products my family uses and trusts, read this. If you want to join one of my fitness groups, email me. You can also find me on Facebook at Mom’s Daily Dose and Wellness with Katie Pink. Join me! 🙂

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